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Directory Categories

Academic Research Resources
3 categories, 0 links
Declassified Documents, General, Electronic Texts
Arts and Humanities
10 categories, 0 links
Photo Collections, Filmmaking, Cuban Literature, Museums, Miscellaneous, Performing Arts, Architecture, Postcards and Posters, Artists, Art for Sale
Business and Economy
6 categories, 0 links
Finance, US Cuba Trade, Opportunities, Companies, Real Estate, Products and Services
Cuban Culture
6 categories, 7 links
Cigars, Rum, AfroCuban Culture, Cuban Cuisine, Singles, Che Guevara
Cuban History Facts and Figures
5 categories, 0 links
Maps, Statistics and Data, Cuban Flag, General History, Facts
Cuban Music
2 categories, 0 links
MIDI MP3 Music Downloads, Music
Cubano Cool
3 categories, 0 links
Guayaberas, Shopping, City Guides
CubanosOrg Picks
5 links
Words, ideas, images that say it all.
Cubans Around the World
3 categories, 2 links
Espana, Cuba, Estados Unidos
2 links
Editorial and Commentary
8 links
Opinions, rants, and brilliance.
2 categories, 0 links
K thru 13 Schools, Universities
Exchange Programs
2 links
The adventure of learning by living.
Government and Institutions in Cuba
2 categories, 0 links
Government, Institutions
Grass Roots
2 categories, 0 links
Dedications, Travel Journals
Health and Medicine
3 categories, 0 links
Physicians, Institutions and Organizations, Clinics and Hospitals
Internet and Computers
4 links
News and Weather
2 categories, 0 links
News, Weather
4 categories, 0 links
Faith Based, Political, Cultural Social, Humanitarian
Portals Directories and Search Sites
7 links
Reading Resources
3 categories, 0 links
Books for Sale, Articles, Reading Resources
Recreation and Sports
4 categories, 1 link
Baseball, Sports, Soccer, Sports Groups
Science and Technology
4 categories, 0 links
Environment and Nature, Archeology, Science, Technology
Sending Stuff to Cubans
2 links
Sending things is difficult, expensive, and frustrating. Yet, we must. Here are some ways of communicating, emailing, sending necessities....
Terrorism Human Rights and Controversy
3 categories, 4 links
American Controversy, Human Rights Groups, Cuban Controversy
Travel and Tourism
3 categories, 0 links
Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Travel Information
US Policies Toward Cuba
3 categories, 0 links
Trade Embargo, General, Helms Burton Act


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