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10/10/2002 1 The main Old Guard Organization of the Cuban American community with ties to Cuban American terrorists. It also works very hard to defend these terrorists and have unfortunately, been highly successful in this regard. The extremist wing of the Cu. Am. community blows this off, as "patriots fighting Castro" But how patriotic and honorable is it to attack Cuban civilians, that for well we know could be anti-Castro? Innocent tourists just looking for a good time in a great country? (BTW, decandence and prostitution did not start with Castro as some would have you believe, During Batista American businessman would recieve photos of the Jineteria they would like right on the airplane to Havana.) What on earth does killing civilians and tourists have to do with Castro? What has it done to harm Castro? Nothing. However, it has worked to forever stain the good intentions of the Cuban American people as they are all too often not given the criticism they deserve and in fact are actually viewed with sympathy by many. Its a sad part in our history. CANF like Castro, are two old dinosaurs that have no place in a constructive relationship toward building a New Cuba. For more info on CANF and ties to terroists:






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