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9/2/2003 1 cigarsclub is a rip off. Pure and simple. You buy from them, you ARE going to lose money. This company is set up to sell you "cheap" cigars, but what they DONT tell you is that under UK law you have to pay duty and VAT on all purchases made overseas. Its called "distance buying", see the report from the Customs and Excise web site below. They make every pretence at being a respectable company. The website is very well done, they have online secure ordering, so you feel safe buying your cheap cigars off them online. However, at 90 for 20 cigars, plus the import duty of approximately 170 per box, they are NOT cheap! If you are foolish enough to pay the import duty, the actual price of the so called "cheap cigars" skyrockets to over 13 per cigar for the cheaper cigars! I have been contacted recently by Phil Harrington's who has also set up a site warning people of the practices of similar companies as cigarsclub like:






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