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5/18/2003 10 from Steve
8/8/2003 1 Shipping got slower and slower and finally quit altogether. As of Aug '03, no one answers the telephone. Suspect the outfit has expired.
1/30/2004 10 Great service, excellent and fresh product, totally professional. I recommend this site to anyone, casual smoker to pure afficionado!
3/5/2004 1 I completely agree with the other negative comment above. I had the same exact experience and am still out over $1,000. Do not order from Casa De Malahato under any circumstances no matter how good the deal may appear. Sadly, this used to be a good cigar store with knowledgable people and good product. But no more. The site is still functionally as if all is still normal. I can only guess it is now a scam operation. If someone is having financial difficulties or other problems, the least they could do is return your phone calls and e-mails.
9/3/2004 1 Inventory online was incorrect. Exchanged emails with Steve for substitute cigars. Even the cigars I substituted was not available. Finally talked to him on the phone. Ordered the cigars that was actually available. He kept the price of my original cigars and let me substitute for more expensive cigars. Paid them online. Supposed to arrive in 10 business days. After two weeks, emailed him. No response. Emailed him again. No response. I finally called him at the number he called me from when we were discussing the substitute cigars (thank god for caller ID, couldn't find a number listed for them anywhere). He said that they messed up my order and he will have them send it out again. I then received 2 out of 4 boxes of cigars (without receiving tracking numbers ahead of time unlike what he previously promised). Called him for the tracking number of the second shipment. He insists that it will be delivered the next day. I pushed him for a tracking number. He put me on hold. When he came back, he told me that they messed up the shipment again. He said that he would express ship the rest of my order and offered to throw in a free box of Cohiba Siglo I. He said that I would get a tracking number the next day and the day after that, the cigars should arrive. Five days later, still no tracking number or cigars. I called him again. He sounded upset (I thought he was upset at the people responsible for shipping). He said sternly at me that I would get a tracking number the next day and that the cigars would arrive the day after that. I finally did get a tracking number the next night at 10:30 PM. I got the cigars delivered the following morning at 9:30 AM. However, the "free" box of Cohibas were not in the box. I thought they had messed up the shipping again. I called him. I told him that I finally received my order but it was missing the box of Cohibas. He coldly told me that he changed his mind. I was shocked. I was patient throughout the whole process. I never once raised my voice at him in all of our conversations. I calmly told him that I was sorry that things weren't going to work out with me as a customer. He said okay and then hung up. In the end it took a little over a month to get my cigars. I believe they are authentic cigars. I have only had the chance to smoke one cigar so far. I need a blacklight to check the labels to be sure. Good luck to anybody ordering from them.






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